A Legend of “Made in Hong Kong”, Heaven Springs Dynasty and International Scalar Wave Quantum Institute Built a Melt-blown Machine

International Scalar Wave Quantum Institute, a subsidiary of a United Nations Consultative NGO, announced that the institute together with HSD MedTech (Guangdong) Limited, a subsidiary of Heaven Springs Dynasty Group on Medical Technology, has successfully developed an advanced melt-blown non-wovens production line with precision nozzle. The capacity of each production line is up to 130 tons of quality melt-blown non-woven fabrics per annum. According to Heaven Springs Dynasty, the supply of quality raw materials is in short due to the emerging market demand for anti-epidemic supplies over the world. The group plans to invest in a project on 20 melt-blown non-wovens production lines, and strive to build a high-end melt-blown non-woven industrial chain of “Made in Hong Kong” to meet the long-term demands of the group itself and also other mask and respirator manufacturers in Hong Kong.

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