The First Atmospheric Water Generation Company to Become Partner of The UN Science-Policy-Business Forum on The Environment

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To realize the great vision of “Earth with No Pollution”, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) held the 3rd UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya on 4th to 6th December.  As the world’s highest level decision making body on the environment, over 4,000 heads of state, ministers, business leaders, UN officials and civil society representatives attended the Assembly.

The Founder of Heaven Springs Dato’ Sri Prof. Ng, T.Y. (2nd left) sat at the first row of the plenary of the forum with Chief Scientist of UNEP (4th left), President of UNEA (3rd right) and President of UNGA (2nd right).

Hong Kong based Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest Group was the first water resources company being invited as Founding Member of the Steering Committee and Partner of the UN Science-Policy-Business Forum on Environment. The Forum was co-chaired by Mr. Miroslav Lajak, President of the United Nations General Assembly and Mr. Edgar Gutierrez Espeleta, President of the UN Environment Assembly.

Dato’ Sri Prof Ng Tat Yung, Founder of Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest Group, led a delegation including Dr. Stanley Leung, Senior Vice President, Dr. Johnny Ip, Vice President and Mr. Kit Yen, Assistant to President of the Group to attend the event.

As a world’s pioneer and leader on atmospheric water generation, Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest Group holds more than 80 international patents under the WIPO PCT system of 152 countries and regions. It is dedicated to providing sustainable safe drinking water with its world’s leading technology.  

Mr. Miroslav Lajak, President of the United Nations General Assembly visited Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest’s booth after opening plenary of the UNEA Sustainable Innovation Expo and was deeply surprised by the technology breakthrough, “I can’t believe it! Congratulations!”. In addition, over 30 ministers and ambassadors visited the booth during the Assembly.  Most of them were very surprised on this new atmospheric water generation technology and said this is an effective solution to solve water scarcity and pollution problems of the world.

To achieve the great vision of mankind – “wherever there is air, there is safe drinking water”, Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest Group together with other NGOs have initiated “Atmospheric Water Development Rights Alliance” and call for participations and supports from various countries to invest, cooperate and develop atmospheric water generation industry.

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